Superyacht Standards


As sea-loving adventurers ourselves, we thought of everything you may need in your home away from home. Our cruisers are specifically designed to maximize your experience at sea.

  • Spacious deck space volume offered by thee 14’9” beam
  • 6’8” clear headroom
  • 13’ x 4’7” beach platform
  • High capacity battery bunk for silent night mode
  • High fridge and freezer capacity
  • Entertainment system
  • High fuel, water and sanitary capacity
Anka Yachts

Low Maintenance


Low maintenance means more freedom! Our cruisers are so easily managed that you are no longer at the mercy of a crew.

  • All essential maintenance items are conveniently located in one location
  • Sea water valves and sea strainers are easily accessible so no need to hunt down or squeeze in strange places to access them
  • Easy battery access
Anka Yachts
Anka Yachts

The Modern Classic

45’ Coupé


This is not your basic boat. Sleek and cool inside and out, the modern 45’ Coupé Cruiser offers a luxurious blend of high speed thrills and low-key relaxation so that every guest on board is happy. With a spacious stateroom, ample outdoor space and generous battery life, the 45’ is ideal for overnight stays and private adventures .


60’ Coupé


anka yachts

in Luxury.

From the sporty exterior lines to the tasteful interiors, our cruisers are a timeless hybrid between the elegance of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary styling that address the needs of modern lifestyles.

Anka Yachts

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